For us as a company the preservation of our environment and the conservation of the natural basis of life for future generations is a cornerstone of our business activities.

Beyond compliance with the legal requirements, the following guidelines are a binding standard for our daily activities.

We consistently pursue the goal of sustainable use of natural resources. We achieve this not only through their careful and economical use, but also by applying energy and water-saving, low-emission and low-waste technologies.

We review and evaluate our environmental impact, compare it to the targets set by us and if necessary take corrective action.

Throughout the company, we focus on targeted reduction of waste and separation of waste material. TGS ships with environmentally-friendly packaging material, the disposal of which being ensured by the “Dual System Germany”.

When investing we pay attention to environmental parameters and give preference to environmentally-friendly options.

An integral part of our corporate management is the involvement and training of our employees. We ask and remind them to act self dependently and actively practice environmental protection at their workplace.

Health and safety of our employees have priority. This is ensured by the appointment of a health and safety inspector. Our goal is to be viewed as a leader in our markets and to take on a pioneering role by means of continual improvement.

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